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Growatt | 3.5KW Single Phase Off-Grid Solar Inverter

Seamless Energy Integration: SPF 3500TL LVM-US, a highly versatile and innovative solution for your energy needs. With an integrated MPPT charge controller and the ability to work with or without a battery, this inverter ensures you have power whenever you need it. CSA approval gives you a peace of mind.

High-Capacity and Flexible Input: Boasting a PV input voltage up to 280VDC and the option to connect a generator, this inverter provides a flexible approach to energy management. Choose between grid or solar input priority based on your requirements and enjoy a configurable energy experience.

Smart Connectivity and Expansion: The SPF 3500TL LVM-US supports WIFI/GPRS for remote monitoring, keeping you connected to your energy system wherever you are. With support for parallel operation, expand your system's capacity up to a staggering 21kW for larger energy demands. Parrallel connection of two SPF3500 can give you 110V and 240V A/C output.

Intelligent Power Management: This inverter smartly utilises PV and grid power or generator to jointly power the load if solar energy is insufficient, ensuring you're never without power. Customize your energy usage with flexible scheduling for charging and discharging times according to your needs.

Robust and Efficient Design: Engineered for peak performance, the SPF 3500TL LVM-US delivers up to 3500W of pure sine wave output, with a peak efficiency of 90%. 

What Can It Power?

  • Home Appliances: Power essential devices like fridges, ovens, and washing machines with ease.
  • Office Equipment: Ensure your computers, printers, and servers stay online without interruption.
  • Medical Devices: Reliable for sensitive equipment like CPAP machines, ensuring safety during use.
  • Power Tools: Keep your workshop running smoothly with consistent power for drills, saws, and more.
  • Entertainment Systems: Enjoy uninterrupted entertainment with stable power to TVs, gaming consoles, and sound systems.
  • Charging Stations: Efficiently charge electric vehicles, bikes, and scooters.
  • Outdoor & Recreational: Perfect for RVs, camping, and outdoor events, providing power for lighting, cooking, and entertainment.

Empower your home or business with the reliable and expandable Growatt Off-Grid Storage Inverter SPF 3500TL LVM-US – your smart solution to modern energy demands.

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