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OEM Battery Supply

Do you need a custom private label battery pack built? Do you need a bulk order of individual batteries? Whatever the size or the space you need in your battery we can handle it here in the US or we can team up with our China office to get the job done for you. We specialize in batteries so we can ship directly to you or you customer! We partner with quality suppliers both domestically an overseas to find the best solution for your needs. RPE offers broad battery cell and battery pack solutions and services in various chemistries. This includes bare cells, battery assembly, electronics design, pack design as well as certifications.




In an Industry where safety, reliability, experience and accountability prevail, we are here for you. With an eye on safety and solutions that meet the strictest standards, our engineers and sales staff have experience working with your specific needs. Please inquire about our special skills in Battery Management Systems design and development, a key component to the ongoing tractability of the products safety.


Rechargeable Power Energy is the company to call for the solution to your battery needs. We can work with an existing design to modify a battery, create a custom battery pack or at least offer a cost effective alternative to your current battery vendor. From single cell packs to complex multi-cell solutions, we will work with you to help achieve your business goals.

In today's world of portable handheld equipment size, weight and energy density are most important. From scientific instrumentation to handheld readers used in severe environments, we can assist. Ask us about proprietary blends and particular chemistry made especially for the most hostile of weather and environmental concerns.