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12.8V 100Ah Sealed Lithium Battery


  • Nominal capacity 100Ah
  • Min. capacity 98Ah
  • Nominal energy 1280Wh
  • Combination structure of battery 23140160-4S2P
  • Nominal voltage 12.8V
  • End of discharge voltage 10.8V
  • Standard charge voltage 14.6±0.2V
  • Float charge voltage 13.8V
  • Standard charge current 20A
  •  Recommended charge current ≤100A
  • Allowed Max. charge current 100A
  • Standard discharge current 50A
  • Recommended discharge current ≤100A
  • Allowed Max. discharge current 100A
  • Peak current 250A,10Sec
  • Internal Resistance ≤40mΩ
  • Weight Approx.12.5kg±5%
  • Ex-factory capacity Approx.50% SOC

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Battery usage specification

  • When the battery is used alone, it can be used directly.
  • When the battery needs to be used in parallel or in series, each battery shall be fully charged according to the standard charging method before parallel or in series.
  • The maximum series number of batteries shall not exceed two, and the parallel number shall not exceed four.

 Transport & Store
When long-time storage, the battery SOC is 30% ~ 50% , high-SOC storage will accelerate the battery capacity degradation. The battery needs to be charged every 6 months if out of use. No fall down, no pile up over 10 layers, and keep face up.


  • Battery must be far away from heat source, high voltage, and no exposure in sunshine for a long time.
  • Never throw the battery into water or fire;
  • Never reverse two electrodes when use the battery;
  • Never connect the positive and negative of battery with metal;
  • Never knock, throw or trample the battery;
  • Never disassemble the battery without manufacturer's permission and guidance.
  • Never use mixed with other type of battery;
  • Never mix other batteries of different manufacturers, types and models in using.
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