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RPE Recycle Program

Help keep the world safe from harsh materials by using RPE Recycle battery Program


Did you know most batteries are considered hazardous waste in America when they are simply discarded in the public trash can? Primary cell like AAA, D , C , AA, etc. batteries you can buy at you local retail stores can be consider as hazardous waste and especially the much larger batters like you secondary battery types that have rechargeable features. In this case all these battery types need to be recycled or taken to a household hazard waste disposal facility or some sort of universal waste center that is authorized to recycle these types. Batteries are considered hazardous because of the materials and metals that are used inside each battery cell that can be toxic to the environmental base on its corrosive material they contain.


Here in Las Vegas Rechargeable Power Energy can handle all battery Type for recycling in order to work hard to keep the country hazardous waste free we have created a center to disposal of all these different types of battery waste.