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Posted on October 19 2017



Call ebikemarketplace to get a quote for any ebike Battery Rebuild 888-456-9410

Need to replace an electric bike battery for a discontinued model or a company that is out of business? Is your battery no longer covered under warranty and needs some maintenance? Send all your old e-bike batteries to our location and we can make them work like the first day you purchased them!!! Upgrading is our specialty! We can often fit in higher energy batteries to give your pack more range so you can ride longer distances. Don't have an e-bike? That's ok too, we do batteries for any light electric vehicle (LEV). The process is simple: contact us with pictures of your current e-bike battery and we will reply with a estimated initial quote. Once you agree to the estimate send in the battery to our store location and we will start the diagnosis process and inform you of all the available options.


Step by step process for all battery rebuilds

  1. Contact RPE at 888-456-9410 and speak with a tech about pricing estimates and the proper way to ship the battery to our location.
  2. Send the battery to 6585 Arville St STE A, Las Vegas, NV 89118 using our battery intake form that has a dangerous goods sticker explaining the shipping process.
  3. Once we received the battery we will visually inspect the battery for shipping damage (Photos will be taken)
  4. We find out the best cells that can fit into the case and call the customer back for information in regard to capacity. We typically can increase the capacity by 2-4 amps!!!!
  5. We check your battery to see if is still working at all, this includes the OEM Battery Management system inside as well as Fuses and connectors. Some of these batteries are really old so the connectors some times can be the only issue so we check to see if we can save the battery right away. 
  6. We start testing the cells that will be used inside of your battery. We test your charger with out your battery.
  7. We test the BMS with out the cells first and we determine if it needs parts or not. 
  8. Next we install the new tested cells with the OEM Battery management system. 
  9. Finally we test the full battery with a load and a generic motor to make sure it works well with a controller. We also test your new battery with you existing charger (Make sure you always send us the charger)
  10. Ship The battery back to the customer with a thank you email!!!!!

Reason why it may take longer to get you battery back

  1. The Original Battery management system is no longer working properly. if this is the case we may have to special order new parts to get the BMS working again. Then after we received the parts we put the battery through hard testing to ensure the battery can be able to fit our warranty demands. (all rebuild batteries have a 1 year warranty)
  2. We need to order high performance cells to fit you stronger american standard motors. In america most motors go up to 750W and higher but any battery you buy from china may not be able to handle that high load unless specified.
  3. The case is damaged and needs to be repaired.
  4. The connectors need to be replaced, this normally doesn't take long to do but what if you have special connectors? Ebikemarkepace wants to make sure each and ever battery is user friendly so we ensure you don't have to go out and do any extra work to ride you ebike.
  5. The charger is broken so we have to use our charger and update the connector so it works with your rebuild battery. 
  6. The battery demand is very HIGH!!! 
  7. The engineers need more time understanding your full system and want to ensure your safety buy properly testing ( Cycle testing ) . 


  • You must read these safety instructions and warnings before using or charging your batteries.
  • Lithium Polymer and Li-ion batteries are volatile. Failure to read and follow the below instructions may result in fire, personal injury and damage to property if charged or used improperly.
  • Li-Ion and Polymer battery & packs may explode and cause fire if misuse or defective. We require all Li-ion batteries & packs buyers must be professionals and have capability to handle emergency.
  • When charging Battery Pack, please put battery in a fire proof container. Please don't leave battery pack and charger on the wood material or carpet and unattended.
  • Must keep Li-Ion & Polymer battery pack away from children.
  • Never make wrong polarity connection when charging and discharging battery packs. Always double check polarity of battery's connector to make sure red wire to red wire and black wire to black wire.
  • Lithium batteries has it's cycle life, please replace old battery with new one when it reaches it's service life or when it is two year old, whichever comes first.
  • By purchasing Lithium Polymer and Li-ion battery, the buyer assumes all risks associated with lithium batteries. If you do not agree with these conditions, please consider all EMP batteries to be returned the battery immediately before use.

For more information in in terms of safety visit or Safety & Warranty Page

Click here


Here is a list of some of the latest e bike batteries we have rebuilt:

 Once we have the battery in our possession we work toward the rebuilding the battery and send out a time frame for the rebuild. ***Note some batteries may take up to 3 -4 weeks if we have to order special cells or replace parts on the original battery management system in order to ensure the battery works correctly.If there is any problems at all for the battery rebuild you can contact us directly here at 888-456-9410. Check Video below for more details regarding the full process......



**** All Battery Rebuilds are American Supported with a 1 year warranty ****

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